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Hanker is searching for smart, motivated, and talented people who value their futures in the information technology industry. Our job is to connect you with the appropriate project at the appropriate time and with the appropriate remuneration.

We are a consulting company with the slogan "Smart Hiring." YOU may be the next person hired! We assess the applicants to ensure that each receives the best position, best employment, and best compensation for their efforts.

Career opportunities,

Contract Jobs

Short Term jobs that are related to specific projects, usually are called Contracts. The IT Engineer is hired for his/her specific expertise that can be utilized for the project. The term of the contract usually ends with the completion of the project. If you are adventurous and love diverse challenges in job, then this job category suits you perfectly.

Permanent Jobs

Long Term Jobs that are not time bound and come with a stable position are called Permanent Jobs. These are best suited for IT experts who are looking for a stable job, and would like to steadily grow with the company. Techies who prefer to work on long –term or a single project at a time. Such positions come with additional benefits that the company provides.

Contract to Hire Jobs

If you are a fresher, this is the best way forward. Contract to Hire gives you an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills in a short-term project, which leads to a permanent position at the company. This is the most common option for fresher hiring. 

Hanker Systems, with its vast Industry Connect and Smart Talent Acquisition tools, is a market leader in providing excellent opportunities to all the specialists that apply through us.

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