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Staffing Services

Hanker is a business expert! Hanker Systems is able to assist you in understanding and establishing the optimum talent solution for your company because of its highly seasoned and constantly changing pool of intelligence. Our experts can offer team members at reasonable prices to help IT operations and strategy. Hanker Systems can assist with hiring, contract development, and contract legality.

The most affordable options are not always the best! We pledge to streamline your talent search with our time, knowledge, and sharpest minds. We also meet with you to discover needs, assist you in defining software, hardware, and network requirements, offer solutions in written or spoken reports, and collaborate with you to define project scope.

Our business is to support your enterprise.

Business Intelligence

At Hanker Systems, we provide your company data-driven analytics and business information that is actionable, simple to grasp, and that can be used by specialists, executives, and managers to make rapid, informed choices.

Additionally, we develop and manage relationships, find possible clients, test, install, and monitor new systems, provide documentation, and give customers progress reports.
We provide you with key decision-making reports as part of our services. With the aid of our sophisticated apparatus, you can clearly see where you are going and anticipate your next move. We may be your company's corporate fortune tellers through predictive analysis of today's astronomy.

Best practices for talent management, talent acquisition, and development will be a component of this.


We adhere to our ideology and consider our services to be nimble. Depending on the necessity, integration and migration methods that are tailored to your particular requirements can be established and implemented. We can assist you in streamlining your procedures and coordinating them with your corporate goals. While we're at it, we also assist you in developing solid procedures to advance your corporation and comprehending the flow of certain processes.

Staffing is a crucial component. The degree to which staff integration into the process affects the project's overall productivity and efficiency. Therefore, finding the proper employees and recruiting the right skills is crucial in this industry. Hanker is aware of this and can work with you to ensure that the correct talent is placed in the right position for particular projects.

Our process derivatives operate under the principle of simplicity. If the system is easy for the entire business apparatus to grasp, implementation will go easily. Our professionals can help in this situation. We offer practical training that enables individuals with sound judgement to maintain their attention on the company's goals.

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Managed Services

Your project's expertise can come from Hanker's pool of specialists. Or you may hire Hanker to manage a project. We have access to the best professionals, most innovative equipment, cutting-edge software, and smart hardware. Hanker offers whole management solutions for information technology.


This would comprise hosting, application, and IT monitoring services. Hanker may be your one-stop shop for all your online needs.

Smart Recruitment

The finest method for acquiring talent is Hanker. We are aware that you may have different demands for experts, Team Leaders, Executives, and Managers. We can streamline your hiring process so it takes less time and requires less intervention. Our talent pool includes Tech Experts from a wide range of industries, which provides us the assurance to guarantee clever recruitment efforts that will meet your particular needs.


Concern yourself no more with hiring. To achieve your best tech fit, just Hanker.


end-to-end, services delivered.

We provide end-to-end Hiring solutions for entire range of Information Technology based firms. Our key inputs are effective in the fields of:

Application Development

Our talent pool is well versed with entire process of Application Development – how the application operates, its maintenance, version control and upgrades, from start to finish. Application operations range from creation, back-end integration and management to end user experience. We can provide talent from Manager to Analyst to support the entire process, step by step to ensure a smooth development process.

Data Strategy and Management

Data Management has growing to be a huge contributor to the economy. Data upkeep and systems are now strategic functions for various organizations. We can help you in recruiting data analysts, engineers and managers. Also, we can provide people with experience in defining Strategy and establish operational objectives. An enterprise data strategy usually revolves around the business objectives. Therefore, we make sure that people who understand the business are available for you. 

Quality Assurance

In simple Terms Quality defines the “fitness” of the product to meet the demands of the consumers. Easy as it sounds, Quality Assurance plays a key role in product creation as well as development. QA team requires experts who understand the final product. Testers should not only be able to tell “if” the product desires a change, but also “how” that change should be implemented. Our qualified hires can help improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the product.

Network Management

Network Management now focuses on two related concepts. First is the process of configuring and monitoring performance of a network. Second is development of NetOps that IT Platforms that support the network performance. Most of the NetOps are moving to the Cloud and we can help identify and hire the people best suited for this. As network management gains momentum, our specialists can help you choose the right candidates, who will fit in your project.

Internet Planning Engineering and Operations

Internet Planning involves thorough knowledge of Network Management and Planning. This involves designing, deploying and securing internal and external network of the organization. This also includes Network infrastructure, which defines both software and hardware configuration – Switching, Routers, Firewalls, Servers and Equipment. The software maintenance is also a rallying point for NetOps. Our services include Talent and staffing management for Internet Planning, Engineering and NetOps.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Today, Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) is a must-have in order to operate a successful business. ERP helps in managing day-to-day operations of the business. ERP is a culmination of multiple modules such as Procurement, Finance or Accounts, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing, Inventory Management. Such modules are customized to your requirements to generate solutions unique to you. Such operations require constant monitoring to be effective. We can help you with well experienced staff who are well versed with creating and operating ERP solutions and therefore can be assets to your operational functions.

Business Intelligence System

​Developing a Management Information System (MIS) requires keen understanding of how the firm works. It is equally important to know how the industry and external factors are performing in order to optimize the decision making. Business Intelligence Systems work in tandem with Data Warehousing, Management Information Systems and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). Since BIS works as a conjunction among many systems, it is very important to manage BIS so that key decisions for your firm are made based on information and analysis. Experienced professionals will help you make the best observations, reading, analysis and decisions while keeping the BIS up to date and effective.

Systems Programming and Administration

System Admin is a term that everybody is familiar with, today. Every business requires healthy upkeep of its hardware and software. We can help you hire the right people who specialize in overhauling systems and software. These people will also manage the Annual Maintenance Contracts with various SAAS (Software as a Service) and Hardware providers. Renewing licenses, maintaining general system security, installation, firewall upkeep, user restrictions all fall under the purview of Systems Administrator.

Program Management

Each firm should have its programs mapped to its business objectives. Overall organizational performance depends on Program managers who can oversee and coordinate the various projects and other strategic initiatives throughout an organization.Program managers also help to drive organizational change by helping with agile transformations, including helping to implement DevOps practices and principles. Program managers may align program management practices and processes with agile values such as collaboration, team autonomy and empowerment, delivering value to customers, and adapting to change in the moment. A program manager can bring agile and DevOps to life for teams across large programs or individual projects by tailoring programs to the specific requirements and opportunities of the business. We can help you find the perfect people for the job to ensure that operational coordination and strategic planning for your business is taken care of.

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