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MSP/VMS Services

Managed Service Provider

MSP stands for Managed Service provider. It is a third-party company that manages responsibilities for a specific set of day-to-day management services for its customers 

Importance of MSP

A managed service provider (MSP) can help relieve your day-to-day workload and give you time to focus on more critical projects, all while providing 24x7 monitoring and management for your IT infrastructure. 

Working of MSP

An MSP works with their client as part of their contingent workforce programme. It will oversee temporary workers, freelancers, independent contractors, and payroll employees in general. Managed Service Providers typically collaborate with their clients as a team. 

Night shift

VMS Systems

VMS systems are software (websites) that enable the MSP to run the client's temp worker program. MSPs are chosen for their services, while VMSs are selected for their software features. VMS may not be the property of the MSP provider 

Importance of VMS

A VMS can assist you in managing  labour costs, increasing productivity, and increasing efficiency. A VMS can provide the transparency required by HR and Procurement management to ensure that their company hires qualified external talent with the necessary certifications. 

Working of VMS

VMS systems are software modules (websites) that allow the MSP to manage the client's temp worker programme. This may or may not be the MSP provider's property. This is due to the fact that clients perceive these two things differently. MSPs are chosen for their services, whereas VMSs are chosen for their software capabilities. 

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Advantages of availing MSP/VMS Services with Hanker Systems 

  • Proffesional Help: We have a curated team of experts that responds to your unique needs and demands.

  • Pocket Friendly: We provide our services with minimalist fees that are completely justifiable. 

  • Client Satisfaction: Our dedicated approach to MSP and VMS Services show  100% results. 

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